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Ways to Attract Bees and Butterflies

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If you notice your garden a bit different from last year – the air has become less colorful and alive, it is much quieter – this is probably not just your imagination. As saddening as it might be, but butterflies, bees, and bat populations are facing an alarming decline all around the globe. This is never good news as the majority of the crops and plants rely on these visitors, as they are the ones that pollinate the plants and flowers we have in our garden. Without them, especially the bees and butterflies, plants and flowers will never bear fruits.  

The things that we have done, and still continue doing – are irreversible, and trying to restore their numbers might be close to impossibility. However, we could help. We could make our gardens their haven and safe places where they could eat, and hopefully, find their mate. Hiring a Lawn Care Fredericksburg VA or doing the tips below could save wildlife. 

1.Leaving it alone to nature with less interaction 

The most attractive landscape and garden for like clean pots, a well-manicured lawn, us might be fanciful to the wildlife. So, when you want to attract this wildlife, you need to stop obsessing over weed-free lawns and perfectly planted flower beds.  

Gardens and lawns that provide nutrition, food, ad shelter for these pollinators do not need to be perfectly aesthetically maintained. Let your lawn go while still maintaining its health. You will notice an increase number of these visitors in no time. 

2.Plant native 

The local plants and the modern hybrids you find at the plant nurseries could have pollen, scent, and nectar that bred out of them, so these plants match nearby pollinators. You need to research your local climate and soil to identify the plants and flowers that work best. In your lawn and garden.  

3. Stop using pesticides 

Pesticides contain neonicotinoid (or neonic) chemicals that kill pesticides and drive away these pollinators as they are also toxic to them. The problem with these pesticides is that they are systemic. This means that once you pally them, they work their way throughout the plant and flowers including the nectar and pollen.  

Also, it would be very helpful that you ask your neighbors to also stop using pesticides and collectively work in the town to provide safe places for these pollinators.  

4.Add water in the lawn or your garden 

Experts say that waters and shallow pools attract these pollinators, especially when you are in a dry and hot environment. You can also provide pebbles and rocks to serve as islands so that bees and butterflies will not get drown. However, make sure you regularly empty and refill water as you might also attract unwanted visitors like mosquitos.  

Other things you can do: 

  • Have a mixture of different plants, flowers, and shrubs, to attract different species of bees and butterflies.  
  • Be careful about buying chemically “treated” plants 
  • Plant milkweed crops, the monarchs’ only source of food.  

Final thoughts 

By creating safe places for these species, we are not just letting our garden and laws produce more plants and flowers, we are also providing huge help to the ecosystem. 

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