The human body is composed of more than 70% water and our general health, well-being and youthful longevity all are directly related to the quality of the water we consume and drink every day. Water plays an important role in the functioning of the brain and nervous system and its purity is therefore important and the key for healthy longevity.

Proper digestion and nutrient absorption depend on a healthy intake of water. Without drinking water or staying hydrated we only take the calories instead of the nutrients from our everyday food.

When you experience a lack of energy, chances are big that it has to do with not staying hydrated enough. A mere 5% drop in body fluids is accountable for an energy drop of 20 to 30% for the average person. Over 80% of the population suffers energy loss due to minor dehydration. A good indicator is the color of your urine. Any color in your urine indicates a water deficiency which influences your nutrient absorption and metabolic rate in a negative way.

We can’t stop harmful substances from entering our bodies when living our every day lives in society. You can help your body detoxify itself by drinking a healthy amount of water each day, thereby flushing out toxins and preventing diseases from catching on.

Many people underestimate the effects of installing a water filter in their homes, but forget that the quality of drinking water is a large factor in the amount of toxins that can be flushed from the body by drinking it. Standard tap water generally contains a good amount of chlorine which doesn’t help in detoxifying your body, but can even add up to catching a disease leaving your liver and kidneys to do all the water filtering.

But let’s not forget our daily shower. Standard shower water is generally also highly chlorinated and does no good to your skin or your hair. Besides, when chlorine vaporizes it turns into Chloroform which can cause respiratory problems when being exposed for longer periods, even turning into asthma for some people. Also, having filtered water in your shower has cosmetic benefits as the water isn’t causing a harsh drying effect on your skin and hair.

Do not wait any longer and let your skin, hair, weight and general health suffer from drinking or showering in poor, unfiltered water.