One of the best ways to enjoy outdoor games in your home back yard is to install a trampoline. For kids it is no less than a dream come true. Children of all ages love to enjoy jumping on trampolines. These offer a great way to have fun under the sun especially during cold days. However some risks are associated with this classic toy. Hence if you have trampoline at your home, make sure to insure it. Practicing safety measures and buying enough insurance will help you to enjoy jumping on trampolines without any tension.

How to get insurance for trampoline?

  • Talk to your home insurance agent and find out whether your insurance provider covers house with trampoline. Go through the home insurance policy you have carefully and see whether trampolines are included or excluded in the policy. Make sure owning a trampoline doesn’t void your existing home insurance policy.
  • If trampoline is not automatically included in the policy ask your agent whether you can buy some additional insurance for trampoline. This will definitely increase the premium amount but it will offer adequate safety.
  • If the existing service provider doesn’t offer coverage for trampolines, you will have to search for other insurance providers. Small insurance companies usually don’t cover houses with trampolines. In that case you will have to turn to large companies with history of covering trampolines.
  • Before choosing a policy, ask for quotes from different companies that offer home insurance that includes trampoline coverage. Comparing several quotes will help you to choose the most cost effective policy.

Other safety measures to take

Getting insurance for the trampoline is not enough because it will be used mainly by kids. So you need to be more careful about it. Practice some safety measures. Add extra padding as well as nets to the trampoline to ensure the safety of your kids. This will reduce the risk of getting injured while bouncing on trampoline. If you have placed the trampoline outdoor you should build a fence in your garden or backyard so that uninvited guests can not use your trampoline.